Drifters and Deceivers

How often do you have a professor who would be down with privatizing roads and is not an economics professor 

ever since I started doing DDP Yoga I’ve found easier to go to sleep and feel more rested when I wake up in the morning.

My suspensions were right, Triple H used this as his WrestleMania XXX intro song to his intro. 

This is an internet class, I’m not supposed too care this much…

How hard would it have been for Romeo to tell Tybalt they’re family now that she married Juliet.

RAW 4.14.2014  *   Paige defeats Alicia Fox

So I’m in class watching the match. Paige goes for the scorpion crosslocck and I just start whispering “yes! yes! yes!” 

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Can someone please explain to me what the police did wrong at hillsborough 1989 and what the sun did/wrote about it
I’ve been looking things up about it but I still don’t understand what really happened.
All I know is that the police let too many people into the stadium which caused it to collapse.

An answer would be much appreciated

The police falsely made up things to cover up for their mistakes. They took down the blood alcohol of everyone who died, even the children. They also looked at the criminal records of said dead people. They wanted anything to cover their mistakes up. The police along with the Sun falsely blamed Liverpool fans for the incident. I’ve also read that police didn’t allow any ambulances on the field. The report that came out recently said that something like 40 of them could have been saved had they gotten proper care after the gates had been opened.

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