Drifters and Deceivers

Power went out 3 hours ago. Been hearing sirens ever since.

I don’t feel safe.

sportdad420 said: Congrats man donate to my college fund when u r a billionaire pls

someone has to hire me first to become a billionaire.

But if I do become a billionaire I’m giving a lot away.

only 7 people in my school got an interview with Goldman Sachs. I was one of them.

Prisoner of Azkaban was the best Harry Potter movie

I complain about 3 interviews in one week, but there probably some person who has one everyday.


Oh god I just found Luke Harper’s myspace.

I managed to get an interview with Goldman Sachs….

haha wtf…

Now I have to do a presentation on why global warming is nothing to worry about.

Don’t bet kids.